Workshop Group A

  1. Kadu Relvas Barral, Filipe Figueiredo Correia    Monitoring Patterns
  2. Tiago Maia, Filipe F. Correia    Service Mesh Patterns
  3. Allan Kelly    Patterns of Agile Coach roles
  4. Diego Moreira da Rosa, Maria Luisa Lamb Souto, Milene Selbach Silveira    Designing interfaces for multilingual users: a pattern language
  5. Petr Pícha, Sebastian Hönel, Přemek Brada, Morgan Ericsson, Welf Löwe, Anna Wingkvist    Anti-pattern detection in student projects - a case study


Workshop Group B

  1. Thomas Mejstrik, Clara Hollomey    Injection testing backed refactoring
  2. Martin Eisemann, Christian Kohls    The Sequential Initializer Pattern
  3. Marc Schmidt    Building upon Patterns for visual programming
  4. Christopher Preschern    Patterns for Memory Handling in C
  5. Dionysis Athanasopoulos    Element Similarity Calculator in XML Schema Matching
  6. Joachim Fröhlich, Steffen Klepke, Christoph Stückjürgen, Kilian Telschig    Safe Upgrade: Upgrade executing functions of a control system


Workshop Group C

  1. Tineke Jacobs, Uwe van Heesch    Coaching students in ICT-projects
  2. Takako Kanai, Mizuki Ota, Aoi Imai, Takashi Iba    Class Design for Junior High School Students Using Pattern Language: A Case Study of the Practice at Nichihara Junior High School
  3. Michael Striewe    Patterns for the Advanced Design of Programming Exercises supported by Technology-Enhanced Assessment Systems
  4. Jörg Noller, Mareike Kehrer    Design Patterns for Hybrid Written Exams in Higher Education
  5. Christian Kohls, Dennis Dubbert    Hybrid Events in Education
  6. Mary Tedeschi    From Classroom to Online Education – An Educators Insights


Workshop Group D

  1. Sam Jayhooni, René Reiners    Towards Patterns for Setting Up Educational Online Seminars – An Evolving Approach Engineered During the COVID-19 Pandemic –
  2. Stefan Holtel, Imke Boese    Problem-Based Effectual Action Nurtures Digital Mindsets
  3. Monika Blattmeier    Aesthetic business processes through patterns
  4. Kristina Marner, Stefan Wagner, Guenther Ruhe    Release Planning Patterns in the Automotive Industry
  5. Christian Kohls, Dennis Wilk    Maker Spaces for Hybrid Education
  6. Shakirullah Waseeb, Valentino Vranić     Toward Organizational Patterns Ontology

Workshop Group E

  1. Tiago Boldt Sousa    Customer Data Platforms - A Pattern Language
  2. Mohammad Daud Haiderzai, Valentino Vranić    Identifying the Real End User in Software Development: Towards a Pattern Language
  3. Thomas Epping    Exploring slowness: Three patterns to speed up product delivery
  4. Kristian Toldy, Waheedullah Sulaiman Khail, Valentino Vranić    Patterns in Remote work environments
  5. Mohammad Ismail Khattab, Valentino Vranić, Waheedullah Sulaimankhel    Improving the understanding between the customer and development team using organizational patterns
  6. Tsvetelina Plummer, Victor Sauermann    Micro-iterations-based Workshops


Workshop Group F

  1. Ryohei Suzuki, Takashi Watanabe, Takashi Iba    Music Composition Patterns: A Pattern Language for Touching Mus
  2. Steven Warburton, Yishay Mor    Design solutions for hybridised spaces in a learning and teaching context: five patterns that address social practice, privacy and participation

  3. Xinrui Zhang, Jason Jaskolka    Security Patterns for Machine Learning: The Data-Oriented Stages
  4. Madiha Syed, Zain ul Abadin    A Pattern for Proof of Stake Consensus Algorithm in Blockchain
  5. Yue Liu, Qinghua Lu, Guangsheng Yu, Hye-Young Paik, Harsha Perera, Liming Zhu    A Pattern Collection for Blockchain Governance


Paper Download

Zip files with the papers of each workshop group are available for download below.