For Authors and Experts

What this conference is about

Patterns are a way to share experience about established and time-proven solutions. Patterns are an established way to share experience about good solutions. At this conference you will improve your writing of patterns and technical documents. You will learn and practice effective ways of getting and providing high-quality feedback. You will meet interesting experts from various domains. The conference is designed to have interdisciplinary collaboration of experts from both industry and academia.

This is a conference for authors

There are Writer’s Workshops slots. Here, authors get detailed and constructive feedback from peers.
There are Writing slots for new-comers. Get advice and coaching from experienced mentors. Whether you have just started or almost finished a book (or other publication), this is the place to add the right pattern twist.
There are Writing slots for regular attendee. Use the inspiring atmosphere of the conference venue to boost your writing activities. Discuss your ideas and work-in-progress with others.

This is a conference for experts

Learn how to use patterns to communicate your design experience. Get feedback in writers’ workshop. See how patterns are perceived and crafted. Start writing during the conference.
Discuss new trends and hot topics in focus groups, open spaces and “Birds of the Feathers” sessions.
Meet peers from your domain and other disciplines. Get inspirations from other fields and find research friends and future project partners. Watch out for co-authors of your next book project.

This is a conference for design thinkers in software, education, UX and other disciplines:
Learn more about patterns and how to use them in your own projects!
Practice lateral thinking and creative work in focus groups, game sessions, art and writing studios.
Continue to write a book, article, card deck, or any other practical design guidance during the conference.
Understand design values and principles.
Become agile in design.

Share and Publish your experience

EuroPLoP supports authors to improve their work (articles, books, thesis card decks etc.) before it gets published. Papers that have been workshoped at EuroPLoP also qualify for these edited publications:

EuroPLoP Proceedings (ACM publication)
The Annual Pattern Book (Open access publication of patterns from various pattern conferences)
Transactions on Pattern Languages of Programming (Springer / LNCS)

You can also use the feedback from the Writers’ Workshop for book project you are working on.


Learn how to write your first Pattern