Conference Information

Here you can find detailed information about the conference.


The conference will be held online. The invitation link will be sent to all registered attendees. There will be several rooms:

  • General: A general room for official announcements and common sessions (introduction and closing sessions).
  • Writers’ Workshops: Individual rooms for each workshop group to discuss the papers.
  • The Beer Cellar: A casual room for socializing and Smalltalk outside the workshops.
  • BoF Sessions: Rooms for spontaneous break-out discussions of a specific topic (on demand)

Registered participants will be assigned to a writers' workshop group. In this group, you will discuss and give feedback to the papers of the other group members. The papers will be distributed the week before the conference. Everyone has to read the papers of their group and make annotations with hints for the author. Every paper will be discussed for one hour in the writers’ workshops. Due to different timezones, there are many possible slots. The group has to agree on convenient time slots before the writers’ workshops begin. Attendance in these sessions is mandatory - everything else is optional. You can attend other writers' workshop but only as a listener. If you want to contribute you have to ask the respective workshop leader to unmute you.

In the breaks between the writers’ workshops, there will always be the open beer cellar - a room for socializing and talking with the other participants in a relaxed atmosphere. If some special topics come up to discuss, anyone can create BoF (birds of a feather) rooms on demand. All rooms will stay open during the whole duration of the conference. You can join and leave whenever you want. The only requirement is that you attend all sessions of your writers’ workshop group and discuss the papers with the other authors. You can join other workshop groups as well, but only as a listener or observer.


All times listed here are defined in UTC. For Pacific Standard Time (e.g. Vancouver) subtract 7 hours (UTC-7). For Japan Standard Time (e.g. Tokyo) add 9 hours (UTC+9). The welcome and closing sessions are live at the same time for all conference attendees. The writers’ workshops will be held in separate groups in 4-5 sessions. The group has to choose convenient times during the respective group time slots.

Only the chosen 4-5 writers' workshops sessions are mandatory. Everything else is optional.


Before the conference:

  • Read all the papers in your assigned workshop group before the conference.
  • Annotate them with feedback and hints for improvement.
  • Agree on exact discussion times during your groups' time slots.

During the conference:

  • Attend all the writers’ workshops for your assigned group.
  • Discuss the assigned papers in your workshop and give the other authors constructive feedback for improvement.
  • (optional) Send the author your annotated feedback for their paper.
  • Take notes and records during the discussion of your own paper.

After the conference:

  • Incorporate the feedback into a revision of your paper and submit a proceedings version for publication until Sept. 30th, 2020.