EuroPLoP 2020

Conference Organizers

Conference Chair: Michael Krisper

Program Chair: Tiago Boldt Sousa

Program Committee: Andreas Fießer, Azadeh Alebrahim, Cesare Pautasso, Christian Kohls, Christopher Preschern, Elissaveta Gourova, Filipe Correia, Frank Frey, Hugo Sereno Ferreira, Jari Rauhamäki, Klaus Marquardt, Lise Hvatum, Michael Krisper, Michael Weiss, Niels Seidel, Olaf Zimmermann, Peter Scupelli, Ruslan Batdalov, Stefan Holtel, Stefan Sobernig, Taichi Isaku, Takashi Iba, Tiago Sousa, Uwe van Heesch

Shepherds: Ademar Aguiar, Aimi Burgoyne, Alberto Silva, Aliaksandr Birukou, Apostolos Zarras, Cesare Pautasso, Christa Schwanninger, Christian Kohls, Christopher Preschern, Dave West, Dina Salah, Eden Burton, Eduardo Fernandez, Eduardo Guerra, Elissaveta Gourova, Hugo Sereno Ferreira, James Coplien, Jari Rauhamäki, Klaus Marquardt, Lise Hvatum, Michael Krisper, Michael Weiss, Mouna Abidi, Niels Seidel, Peter Scupelli, Peter Sommerlad, Ralf Laue, Ruslan Batdalov, Stefan Holtel, Stefan Sobernig, Sumit Kalra, Taichi Isaku, Theo Theunissen, Thomas Epping, Thomas Raser, Tiago Sousa, Uwe Zdun, Uwe van Heesch, Valentino Vranić, Veli-Pekka Eloranta, Waheedullah Sulaiman Khail

List of Initial Submissions (preliminary):

The following list shows the titles of the initial submissions. This gives a hint what content to expect at this years' conference.

  • A Method for Architectural Trade-off Analysis Based on Patterns: Evaluating Microservices Structural Attributes
  • A Pattern Story about C Programming
  • A Pattern for Autonomous Vehicle Platoon
  • A misuse pattern for Ransomware attacks
  • Arbitration Patterns
  • Assessment in Online Professional Development
  • Collecting and Classifying Security and Privacy Design Patterns for Connected Vehicles
  • Contextual Reactive Pattern on Chatbot building Platforms
  • Controlosis
  • Cut Your Path into the Digital Jungle
  • Decomplexing
  • Design Patterns for Blockchain-based Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Design patterns for teaching in online settings
  • Experiential Knowledge for a Living Democracy:  A Dynamic Pattern Language for ‘Patterns of Patterns’
  • Extracting Relations Between Organizational Patterns Using Text Mining
  • Growing Organizations with Patterns: Lessons from Drama
  • Home and Away: Design Patterns for Supporting End-User Security
  • How to Configure Command Objects Dynamically
  • Identifying and Documenting Recurring Concerns and Best Practices of Enterprise Architects and Solution Architects in Large-Scale Agile Development
  • Incremental Grading in Practice - First Experiences in Academic Teaching
  • Industry Best Practices for Component Approval in FLOSS Governance
  • Interaction Patterns in User Interfaces of Consumer IoT
  • Interface Responsibility Patterns - Submission B: Information Holder Resources
  • Interface Responsibility Patterns — Submission A: Processing Resources and Operation Responsibilities
  • Linguistic Patterns and Linguistic Styles for Requirements Specification (II): Data Entities
  • Linguistic Patterns and Linguistic Styles for Requirements Specification (III): Use Cases
  • Looking for Patterns in All the Wrong Places
  • Management 101
  • Masking Technologies
  • Monolithic Trunc
  • Movin(g) Reality: Rehabilitation after a CVA with Augmented Reality
  • On the Study of Microservice Antipatterns: a Catalog Proposal
  • Patterns for Ad-Hoc Online Collaboration
  • Patterns and Code Smells for Java Native Interface Projects
  • Patterns for Being Creative in uncertain situations - Pattern language for developing the Design Attitude-
  • Patterns for Blockchain Data Migration
  • Patterns for Building Customer Relationships in a Pattern Language for Affective-Science-based Marketing
  • Patterns for Gaining Language as Native Speakers Do: A Pattern Language for Improving Foreign Language Skills when Studying Abroad, Part 2
  • Patterns for Organizing Files in Modular C Programs
  • Patterns for Returning Multiple Results
  • Patterns, design claims, and assertions
  • Portfolio Kanban Patterns
  • Safety Envelope for Undependable Systems
  • Should we stop writing patterns?
  • TPM, a pattern for an architecture for trusted computing
  • Testing Patterns for the Extract Method Refactoring
  • The AgilECo Pattern Language
  • Three Patterns for Self-Efficacy: More Impact, Less Drama
  • Tips to Improve Patterns to an Even Higher-Level
  • Towards a Pattern Language for Software Documentation
  • Towards a Pattern-Language for Self-Healing Internet-of-Things Systems
  • Towards a Signature Pedagogy for Task-Based Technology-Enhanced Language Learning: Design Patterns
  • Trace Safety Requirements And Perform Automated Testing for Safety-Critical Systems with Agile
  • Video segmentation: from theory to design and back. Elaborate design patterns by conducting empirical studies.
  • Wholeness EggⅡ -A Design Technique Applied in Everyday Life