EuroPLoP Conference 2021

Here you can find general information about the conference. Registered members received an email with more details.


The conference will be held online in GatherTown. The invitation link with a detailed description was sent to all registered attendees (if you didn't receive one, please contact the conference organizers). GatherTown can be accessed via your browser (no need to install anything), and will be accessible a few days before the conference. We recommend accessing the platform a few days before, to test your equipment and connection.

Registered participants are assigned to specific writers' workshop groups. In this groups, you will discuss and give feedback to the papers of the other group members. The papers distributed two weeks before the conference. Everyone has to read the papers of their group and make annotations with hints for the author. Every paper will be discussed for one hour, therefore attendance to the workshops is mandatory.

In the breaks between the writers’ workshops, there will be plenty of room and options for socializing and talking with other participants in a relaxed atmosphere. All rooms will stay open during the whole duration of the conference. You can join and leave whenever you want. The only requirement is that you attend all sessions of your writers’ workshop group and discuss the papers (all papers, not only yours!) with the other authors.

T-Shirt 2021

For many participants, the EuroPLoP t-shirt is one of the highest wanted souvenirs from the conference. Last year, we didn't offer one due to the conference being online. But due to high demand, we revived this tradition this year again by offering you an official EuroPLoP T-Shirt with a special design for 2021. You can order it in our EuroPLoP Shop. Other souveniers, e.g., a hoody, or a mug, are also available there. We don't make any profit from this, this is just an additional offer to you.

Preparation: Read the papers of your workshop

During the writers' workshops, you will discuss five to six papers from other authors in your workshop group. To be able to give constructive feedback, you should read the papers of your workshop BEFORE the conference. You can expect helpful and insightful feedback from the other participants, so please return this favour by also reading their work and giving constructive feedback to them. Please write your notes and comments directly on the papers (either printed & scanned, or digitally in the document). These annotated documents can be sent to the authors after the writers' workshop. Links to the papers are down below.

We assigned the papers according to your preferences and general topic, so that you get feedback by informed experts, but also hear some new things which you may never have thought about. Your workshop is the one where your own paper is discussed. You have to attend your workshop during the scheduled time slots, but outside these times you are free to also attend other workshops, or go to the beer cellar if you want. Simply go to the room of your choice in GatherTown.


The conference consists of a few general sessions that are hosted by the organizers, but most of the time you will be at the writers' workshops, where the papers are discussed within the groups.

The three general sessions are the Welcome Session and Demo Workshop in the beginning, and the Farewell Session at the end of the conference. While these sessions are optional, we recommend them especially for newcomers since we will explain how the conference works there and give insights to pattern writing.

Participants are then split up into groups for the mandatory Writers' Workshops, that consist of five to ten participants who meet and discuss each of the papers for one hour. These writers' workshops are mandatory and constitute the heart of the conference.

Here is the general schedule (all times are in UTC):

  • Wed, July 7th:
    • 13:00–14:00 (UTC) Welcome Session: We welcome you and explain everything.
    • 14:00–15:00 (UTC) Demo Workshop: We show you how a typical writers' workshop works.
  • Thu, July 8th:
    • 06:00–10:00 (UTC) Morning Session: Writers' Workshops Group 1, 2, 3 with 3 papers each
    • 11:00–15:00 (UTC) Afternoon Session: Writers' Workshops Group 4, 5, 6, 7 with 3 papers each
  • Fri, July 9th:
    • 06:00–10:00 (UTC) Morning Session: Writers' Workshops Group 1, 2, 3 with 2-3 papers each
    • 11:00–15:00 (UTC) Afternoon Session: Writers' Workshops Group 4, 5, 6, 7 with 2-3 papers each
    • 15:00–16:00 (UTC) Farewell Session: Wrapping up of the conference and saying goodbye to everyone.

You can either stick to this schedule, or decide in your group to shift things around to get a better fit for everyone. Also, the order of your paper can be defined by your group at the first workshop. Getting and giving feedback is a core experience at the conference; therefore, everyone should get the chance to participate with full concentration. The schedule is available as Google calendar here: EuroPLoP Schedule.


Before the conference:

  • Read all the papers in your assigned workshop group before the conference.
  • Annotate them with feedback and hints for improvement.

During the conference:

  • Attend all the writers’ workshops for your assigned group.
  • Discuss the assigned papers in your workshop and give the other authors constructive feedback for improvement.
  • Send the author your annotated feedback for their paper.
  • Take notes and records during the discussion of your own paper.

After the conference:

  • Incorporate the feedback into a revision of your paper and submit a proceedings version for publication until Sept. 3rd, 2021.