How much does EuroPLoP cost?

The fee for the 2019 conference was €975 for early bird registrations, and €1075 regular price.

I have not submitted a paper to EuroPLoP, can I still attend?

Yes, about 20% of those attending do not have a paper at the conference. You will still be expected to read others papers and participate in helping improve their papers.

Can more than one author come for one paper?

Yes, if a paper has more than one author they are all welcome to attend.

Where can I see the papers submitted?

A few weeks before the conference the papers will be distributed amongst the participants. Indeed, you will have to read some of them to participate at the writer's workshops.

What does the program look like?

During the conference there will be several slots where the papers will be discussed in writers' workshops (which is mandatory). In between, there will be some special activities like focus groups, a monastery tour, and community activities, which are voluntarily but very interesting and refreshing. If you want to take part at everything, you will be fully engaged from 9am until 7pm when the evening dinner starts (with breaks of course).

How to I get to Kloster Irsee?

The conference venue is located about 80km west from Munich in Bavaria, Germany.

Can my partner come? Can we get a double room?

Yes, you will need to specify this in your registration

What does the fee cover?

Basically everything, except travelling to and from Irsee. This includes: conference fees, accommodation, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), drinks (beer, wine, coffee, soft drinks), materials, and giveaways.

Is it true you have games?

Yes, two or three times a day - and we like you to join in.

How do I know which writers' workshop I am in?

The conference chairs decide on the number and composition of workshop groups. In general, the chairs try to group papers with similarities. So, if you are an author, your paper is assigned to a specific workshop. If you are not an author, you are welcome to freely choose a writers' workshop group. In any case, we ask you to stay with the same workshop during the whole conference.

I have another question. Who can I contact?

Write an e-mail to the conference chair and to the program chair