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Preparation for the Conference

What to do?

  • Read all the papers in your assigned workshop group carefully (and perhaps multiple times). "Carefully" means that you should understand the papers and be able to give constructive feedback. Write your notes regarding suggestions for improvement on the papers. Write legibly, because you'll need these notes for yourself to give feedback on the papers during the Writer's Workshop and you'll hand the papers with your notes written on them to the authors after the Writer's workshop. Digital annotations are of course also possible this year, since the conference is held online.
  • The Pattern Language on how to Review Scientific Papers provides some hints on how to come up with constructive suggestions for improvement.
  • Do NOT prepare a presentation - you will not need it. There are no powerpoint presentations at EuroPLoP. Your paper will be discussed by the other authors and this honest feedback is most valuable.

What to bring?

  • Bring all your notes and the printed papers in your workshop group.
  • Bring casual clothes, because at the conference usually most people wear casual clothes. This is especially true for the online conference.
  • Prepare your video conferencing equipment before the conference. At least reliable audio is needed, but we encourage you to use video also, since this makes the writers' workshops even more approachable.