Writers' Workshops 2019


The Writers' Workshops are the main event at EuroPLoP. During these, authors will receive invaluable feedback from their peers about their work, enabling them to further improve it before the final version is due, some time after the conference. Authors are expected to read all papers from their workshop to activily participate in the discussion. Attendees without papers are encouraged to choose a single group and read its papers to also participate actively in its discussion. 


WORKSHOP A - download

  • Patterns for Returning Error Information in C
  • Patterns to Escape the #ifdef Hell
  • The Three-Step Refactoring Detector Pattern
  • Design Patterns for Angular Hotdraw
  • Code Smells and Anti-Patterns for Multi-language Systems

WORKSHOP B - download

  • Industry Best Practices for FLOSS Governance and Component Reuse
  • Dependable Mesh Networking Patterns
  • Pattern-Based Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems For Analyzing Security
  • Chain of Builders: A Pattern of Variable Syntax Processing for Internal DSLs
  • Gamifying Interconnected Services Pattern
  • Incremental Analysis

WORKSHOP C - download

  • Pattern Language and the Future of Education in Light of Constructivist Learning Theories, Part 1: Consideration with Genetic Epistemology by Jean Piaget
  • Pattern Language and the Future of Education in Light of Constructivist Learning Theories, Part 2: Consideration with Social Constructivism of Lev Vygotsky
  • Patterns for innovation – 5 patterns for idea implementation
  • Patterns for Communicating Uncertainty
  • Towards a Pattern Language for Writing Engineering Theses
  • Testing and Deployment Patterns for the Internet-of-Things

WORKSHOP D - download

  • Software Process Anti-patterns Catalogue for a Data-Driven Detection
  • Software Process Anti-pattern Detection in Project Data
  • Risk Management During Requirements Engineering - Towards a Catalogue of Security Controls
  • Interface Evolution Patterns — Balancing Compatibility and Flexibility across Microservices Lifecycles
  • A Security Pattern to Incorporate Blockchain in Big Data Ecosystems
  • Springboard Stories: How to Spark an Audience to Action

WORKSHOP E - download

  • Documenting Recurring Concerns and Best Practices in Large-Scale Agile Development
  • Reflecting Patterns Relationships in a Pattern Format
  • Patterns for Well-being in Life - 9 Patterns for Being with others
  • Drama Patterns: Extracting and Reusing the Essence of Drama
  • Asset Pipeline Patterns - Patterns in an interactive real-time visualization workflow
  • A Pattern Language for Improving Foreign Language Skills when Studying Abroad

WORKSHOP F - download

  • A Proposal of Module-Structured Pattern Language
  • A Pattern Approach for Identification of Opportunities for Personalisation of User Interactions for the Internet of Things
  • Democratic power structures in virtual communities
  • Resolving the Conflicting Needs of Service Providers and End-Users: A Pattern for Incorporanting Privacy Preferences into Privacy Policies
  • A Generic Conceptual Data Model of Social Media Services
  • Elementary Structural Data Composition Patterns